Pet Wellness Visits

Regular wellness examinations are a terrific method to ensure that your pet lives as long as possible in good health.

Why are regular wellness exams for your pet so essential?

Wellness exams help the veterinarians at Fairview Animal Hospital to identify potential health problems sooner and provide appropriate care to keep your pet healthy. To get started, please call us at 828-628-3557.

Physical Exams

Your pet’s oral health, body condition, joint health, ear and eye health, and skin and coat quality will all be carefully examined.

Diagnostic Screenings

We can identify, manage, and track your pet’s overall health by testing their blood, feces, and urine. This allows us to diagnose health conditions in earlier stages, optimizing outcomes.

Detailed Results

Your veterinarian will discuss the results of your pet’s exam and screening tests with you to formulate an individualized wellness plan for your pet.